you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

William de Laci.
Perfect husband.


Sir Richard Vaizey.
Sheriff of Nottingham.
Magnificent bastard.

[Flashback - Pre-curse Storybrooke] Second First Impressions ~ William & Mariana.

For one blissful afternoon, it had not rained. The clouds had not loomed steel-grey and angry in the chill sky, nor had the wind whipped in from the ocean, spinning the weather vane like a hurricane, the structures of some of the town’s older buildings creaking nauseously. In fact, it had been reasonably pleasant. Will had taken the liberty of unbuttoning his coat, a particular rarity for this period of the year – An even more particular rarity for a man who kept his head down and his stride long – Although he had forced himself to do the sensible, grown-up thing and spend such a pleasant afternoon grocery shopping. There were only so many nights a week one could eat Chinese take-aways without having to re-evaluate their stance on life.

Laptop bag slung over one shoulder, having previously just left work, and a classic grey scarf loosely draped around his neck, he had assembled his essentials – And a cheeky slice of cake, because this evening was going to be a late one – Dumped them in a classic brown paper grocery bag and tucked them in the crook of his arm. He flipped his collar up around his ears, immediately disengaging from conversation, and turned the corner from the grocery store towards the tiny, book-filled flat that made up house and home.

He had purposely found himself an apartment moments around the corner from his office after the promotion, anticipating spending a considerably greater time at the accountancy than he had been used to – He had recalled Robert Frost’s words with a wry smile: ‘By faithfully working eight hours a day, one may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.’ Nothing had ever been truer. The place had become house and home and second office in a matter of weeks, and Will was dangerously close to being undisputed first in the running for Most Boring Banker Alive.

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