you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

William de Laci.
Perfect husband.


Sir Richard Vaizey.
Sheriff of Nottingham.
Magnificent bastard.

[Flashback] Gold Digger ~ William, Mariana & Mr. Gold.

Anyone who caught a glimpse of the de Laci couple contentedly at home might have been forced to rethink their image of the suave, sophisticated couple who wore expensive clothes and drove expensive cars. Their house might have been the picture of success, sleek and elegant and conservative, but they were far from the proudest, most up-tight people in the town. That house was a home, a little patch of Heaven on the doorstep of a town at war with itself.

“Come on, Ana—” Will pouted, every inch the anti-accountant as he wrapped his arms around her waist, distracting her with pattering kisses to her neck as he attempted to sneak a finger into the bowl of half-whisked cake mix she was preparing. “—Who’s it going to hurt?” She had tugged the dish away from him every time he had tried, no longer bothering to hide the laugh on either of their lips as he pawed for it childishly. They often cooked together, their relationship relishing a breather of raw energy.

Pancakes remained their favourite.

Will had come home from work early to surprise her with an afternoon alone, and had caught her in the equally surprise cake-baking act. But, with crumpled sleeves rolled up to his elbows and white-flour handprints, sporting very definite feminine fingers, on the arse of his crisp, black suit trousers, his cufflinks, tie and jacket languishing somewhere in the living room and the brightest smile in his eyes, he could not have looked any less like the head of an accountancy firm. “Please?” He murmured, kissing the hollow of her ear, his teeth on her earlobe. “Just a taste…?”

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