you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

William de Laci.
Perfect husband.


Sir Richard Vaizey.
Sheriff of Nottingham.
Magnificent bastard.

One For Sorrow, Two For Joy ~ William & Mariana.

The cake was a peace offering – Will was late.

It was 8.39 by the time the car pulled up outside, and 8.42 before his key scraped in the lock and he levered the handle open with his elbow, leather laptop bag stuffed with notes over one shoulder, and a brown paper grocery bag tucked in the crook of his arm. “Sorry!” He called, dropping his keys into the bowl on the side table, the Valentine’s keyring Mariana had given him two years ago clinking against the rim. “I’d have called, but I was driving…” Shrugging off his coat and hanging it beside hers on his peg behind the door, he slid his work bag underneath the low hallway table, reshuffled the contents of the bag and made his way through to the kitchen.

He might have slammed the door frame-shakingly hard on his way out, but his brief trip to the store over lunch had been just enough to clear his head enough to survive the remainder of the day. There was dissent amongst his ranks, and even without putting names and faces to the whispers he heard behind closed doors and partition walls, he knew it was Lucas Darton’s – Robin Hood – Doing. The man had worked for him for this long without knowing either of their true identities, and now the secret was out it was becoming harder and harder to avoid confrontation. Will didn’t doubt that Darton would have enjoyed surrendering the job in a heartbeat, if it wasn’t such a profitable source of income, definitely one of the best-paying jobs in town – More proof that William de Laci had been a generous, if a little slave-driving, perfectionist, and somewhat demanding boss.

“Everything alright, sweetheart?”

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